Idiot of the Week

Idiot of the Week: Jair Bolsonaro

The Idiot of the Week title goes to a politician who could easily win it every week. The pugnacious Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro rarely makes normal remarks, so it was not shocking anymore to hear him recently saying that, although the hospitals in Brazil are 90% occupied, “we need to find out how many are from Covid and how many are from other illnesses.”

In a country with nearly 280,000 Covid-related deaths, 45,000 killed by the pandemic over the past month, the president’s comments are totally senseless.

He recently told a crowd outside the presidential palace that, in fact, a war against him personally was going on. Earlier this month, the Brazilian president told his citizens to “stop whining” about the pandemic.

Three years after Bolsonaro’s election, it is still hard to fathom out how Brazilians could choose such a nutcase. It is only one year left before we see whether they learned something in the meantime.


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