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Public Broadcasting in Austria: Politicians Clash With Journalists

Recent attacks from right-wing politicians on Austria’s popular public broadcaster are raising alarming questions about the future of independent journalism in the country. An Austrian…

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Twitter News Media in the Arab Region: Who’s Winning

In the Arab world, global players still boast millions of Twitter followers, but a clutch of fast-growing news media from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon…

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Media Capture, Made in Bulgaria

One businessman has managed to bring both the state structures and big business in Bulgaria under his tight control. Media was a key piece of…

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An Uprising of New Cuban Media Defies State Rule

Cuba’s Constitution prohibits private media. Nevertheless, more than a dozen media outlets outside state control have unfolded in the country since the beginning of the…

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Thai Far-Right Gets Its Hands on Fancy Newspaper

A business group with far-right affinities buys The Nation, one of Thailand’s most respectable newspapers. This means that independent reporting is now likely to be…

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Government, Politics and Regulation of Media in India

It took the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB), a key player in India’s media policy, two years and seven months to release public data…

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A Dim Future Approaches for Objective Reporting in Slovakia

The management of RTVS, Slovakia’s public broadcaster, is poised to turn the station into a political enterprise. The recent cancellation of the station’s sole investigative…

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How Will Face-Controlling Technology Change Journalism?

Video-tampering technology is likely to take fake news manufacturing to a whole new level. For journalism, that is a game-changer. Imagine watching your local MP,…

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The Twitter Savvy News Media in Latin America

In Latin America, the Twitter news market is in the hands of the big nations such as Mexico and Brazil. When it comes to truly…

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Damian Radcliffe: Stop Talking About an Industry That Has One Foot in the Grave

“There is a lot more optimism about the future of the local media industry than perhaps you might expect,” says Damian Radcliffe, professor of journalism…