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Marius Ostaficiuc

A Social Democratic Party (PSD) politician from the city of Iasi in eastern Romania, Marius Ostaficiuc took the biscuit when he lodged a complaint with…

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Idiot of the Week: Josh Hawley

The clinched-fist salute to the rioters supporting American President Donald Trump won Josh Hawley our Idiot of the Week title. Mr Hawley, a Republican Senator…

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Journalism in Ukraine: A Feast of the Oligarchs

With the Ukrainian media ruled by four influential oligarchs, the future of the country’s independent journalism looks bleaker than ever. The dominance of a handful…

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Covid-19: morir por informar en México

Informar sobre la pandemia en América Latina está resultando más riesgoso que hacerlo en cualquier otra región del mundo. Las cifras que registran medios y…

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Covid-19: Dying in Pursuit of Journalism in Mexico

Reporting on the pandemic in Latin America is proving riskier than in any other region of the world. Figures recorded by non-governmental organizations show that…

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Conspiracy Theories: When People Need a Villain

Conspiracy theories need an outside actor to place blame, an actor who bolsters the “us vs them” aspects, and wealthy, influential figures like George Soros…

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Nic Newman: “Divided Societies Seem to Trust the Media Less”

Nic Newman is a senior research associate at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford. As journalist and digital strategist, Mr…

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What Happens When Academia and Media Work Together

When journalists team up with university researchers, only good things can come of it. With scale and structure, this type of collaboration can solve many,…

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How Covid-19 Threatens Media Freedom

Access to accurate information is essential to fighting a pandemic. However, many governments hide behind the emergency to restrict media freedom. On January 26, Malaysian…

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Bolivian Media: Rising From the Ashes

For more than a decade, the government has meddled with Bolivia’s news media. Following the collapse of the Morales regime, the country’s journalists want to…