How Morocco Has Weakened Its Press, Pushing Readers to Social Media for News

By Jackie Spinner

9 January 2018

For David Alvarado, a Spanish journalist who has been covering North Africa for more than a decade, the real indication of how free journalists are to report in Morocco is which government ministry is watching most closely. See more in PulitzerCenter

Thai Broadcasters to Return TV Licenses

22 December 2017

By Wasamon Audjarint

In another bid to achieve media reform, media professionals have called for a legal change to allow television broadcasters to return some of their owned frequencies to regulators. This would not only solve the ongoing oversupply crisis but also help to promote qualified broadcasters in their ongoing efforts at self-regulation, they claimed.

The number of broadcasters has dramatically increased following the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC)’s auction of digital television frequencies n 2013. But the “gold rush” soon faded as the increase of TV channels without an increase in the consumption rate meant many broadcasters could not make ends meet.