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Journalism After Covid: What Will Be Left of It?

Since the start of the pandemic crisis, in the U.S., “at least 21 local newspapers have merged, at least 1,400 newsroom staffers have been permanently…

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Internet Freedom in Europe: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Turkey

An increasing number of governments are increasingly turning the screws on internet freedom. Funnily enough, they look at the EU for inspiration. When Judit Varga,…

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The Terrorist Assault on the Capitol

What happened is terrorism – the use of violence to achieve political ends. After Trump’s triumph in 2016, many of us speculated that violent mobs,…

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Jerome Riviere

All French people were supposed to hunker down in their homes last month as the country was under strict lockdown. Some of them though chose…

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When Reporting Facts Lands You in Trouble

A new UNESCO report describes the increasingly captured environment independent journalists work in. With a pandemic ravaging the planet and mad politicians at the helm…

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Idiot of the Week: Josh Hawley

The clinched-fist salute to the rioters supporting American President Donald Trump won Josh Hawley our Idiot of the Week title. Mr Hawley, a Republican Senator…

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Who Funds Journalism in Italy?

Advertising is the most important source of income in the Italian news media market, where television is still the most popular platform, dominated by two…

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Journalism in Ukraine: A Feast of the Oligarchs

With the Ukrainian media ruled by four influential oligarchs, the future of the country’s independent journalism looks bleaker than ever. The dominance of a handful…

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Covid-19: morir por informar en México

Informar sobre la pandemia en América Latina está resultando más riesgoso que hacerlo en cualquier otra región del mundo. Las cifras que registran medios y…

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Covid-19: Dying in Pursuit of Journalism in Mexico

Reporting on the pandemic in Latin America is proving riskier than in any other region of the world. Figures recorded by non-governmental organizations show that…