Ann Cooper interviewing Lithuanians at their first pro-independence demonstration, 1987.
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The Press and Its Enemies: A Fresh Look

Award-winning journalist Ann Cooper talks about what lands journalists in trouble today. Ann Cooper is an award-winning journalist and foreign correspondent with more than 25…

Viktor Orban during a EU summit.
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The Hungarian Media Capture Express: Next Stop, Europe

The Hungarian oligarchy has thus far been focused on controlling media at home. Now, they move on to Europe. As Hungarian elections are fast approaching,…

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Georgi Staykov Joins MediaPowerMonitor

We are pleased to announce that Georgi Staykov joined the MediaPowerMonitor team as Editorial Lead. Mr. Staykov will be in charge of commissioning articles for…

The Kyiv Post's former editorial team posing with posters to save the newspaper.
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The Kyiv Post Is Dead, Long Live the Kyiv Independent

The Kyiv Post was shut down by its owner, apparently following pressures from authorities. But its journalists do not seem to give up. On 8…

Black and white photograph of two women under a bridge holding Bulgarian newspapers that are on fire.
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Bulgarian Media: From Hero to Zero

Back in 2006, Bulgaria and France had something important in common. Both countries were ranked 35th on a list of 169 nations in the annual…

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Anya Schiffrin: Media Capture Got Worse

Media capture is a useful concept for understanding the state of the media today, describing a situation in which governments or vested interests networked with…

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Private Investors in Talks to Fund European Journalism

A group of unnamed private investors are discussing plans to support independent media, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. As a response to the deteriorating…

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Alden To Boost Stake in Tribune Publishing

A large newspaper publisher is one step away from being created in the United States, following the acquisition of the Tribune Publishing by Alden Global…

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Internet Freedom in Europe: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Turkey

  An increasing number of governments are increasingly turning the screws on internet freedom. Funnily enough, they look at the EU for inspiration. When Judit…

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The Terrorist Assault on the Capitol

What happened is terrorism – the use of violence to achieve political ends. After Trump’s triumph in 2016, many of us speculated that violent mobs,…