In the Spotlight

Journalism in Ukraine: A Feast of the Oligarchs

With the Ukrainian media ruled by four influential oligarchs, the future of the country’s independent journalism looks bleaker than ever.


Dying in Pursuit of the News in Mexico

Reporting on the pandemic in Latin America is proving riskier than in any other region of the world. Figures recorded by non-governmental organizations show that media outlets in countries such as Mexico, Brazil or Peru have not introduced safety measures for their journalists to help them avoid contagion when they cover the Coronavirus crisis. Read more

Conspiracy theories

When People Need a Villain

Conspiracy theories need an outside actor to place blame, an actor who bolsters the “us vs them” aspects, and wealthy, influential figures like George Soros and Bill Gates fit the stereotype of a powerful, shadowy figure manipulating events. Read more

The Philippines

Sounding the Death Knell for Media Freedom

The war against the media freedom in the Philippines has reached a new level when one of the most watched broadcasters in the country was denied renewal of its franchise. Read more

Cash for words

Trying to Save Journalism, Romanian Government Funds Junk Media

Claiming that they wanted to support journalism and correctly inform the public throughout the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, the Romanian government decided to dole out some €40m to media outlets across the country. Read more

Media moguls

Mexico’s Second Richest Man Uses Television to Defy Authorities

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, owner of TV Azteca, has in recent months used his television station to pressure the Mexican government to lift the quarantine imposed by the country’s health authority in its attempt to mitigate the Covid-19 pandemic. True to his nature, Mr. Salinas Pliego put again his business interests above public health. Read more


How Colombian Military Used American Aid Money to Snoop on Journalists

Allegations that the army conducts illegal intercepts and collects intelligence about journalists, judges and human rights lawyers are not new in Colombia; but when American taxpayer money is used to spy on many people, including American journalists, something is terribly wrong. Read more

Nic Newman: “Divided Societies Seem to Trust the Media Less”

Nic Newman from University of Oxford talks about media, trust and audiences

Read the whole interview by Manuela Preoteasa