All French people were supposed to hunker down in their homes last month as the country was under strict lockdown. Some of them though chose to do it in style. French MEP Jerome Riviere of the National Rally, a far-right political party, chose to throw a party in his flat on 13 December, according to Mediapart, a French news portal, which only reported on the story recently.

Riviere argued that it was a “work dinner.” But some of his neighbors called the police as the party turned noisy. The prosecutor’s office in Paris has been investigating the incident for “nighttime disturbance, public insults and death threats.” A passing teenager who was filming the hullabaloo from the street was spotted by one of Riviere’s guests, Jean-Lin Lacapelle, another RN MEP. “I’m going to cut off your head,” Lacapelle told the indiscreet teenager. That’s what happens when you perturb working RN politicians.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons