The clinched-fist salute to the rioters supporting American President Donald Trump won Josh Hawley our Idiot of the Week title. Mr Hawley, a Republican Senator from Missouri, was also photographed giving Trump supporters a thumbs up. Flabbergastingly, he also sent out a fundraising email as the chaos began.

Mr Hawley was the first senator who announced plans to object to the electors in the states won by Joe Biden. Some political observers had said that he was a potential candidate for the American presidency in 2024. But after Mr Hawley’s brainless behavior, support from his party colleagues is not a sure bet anymore. Following the incidents, senator John Danforth said that supporting Mr Hawley was “the worst decision” he has ever made in his life. A newspaper in America wrote that Mr Hawley had blood on his hands. Simon & Schuster, a publisher, is going to cancel plans to publish an upcoming book by Mr Hawley.

With his reputation ruined in seconds, it is now hard to see Mr Hawley anywhere near the presidency.

The photo was taken by Francis Chung (E&E NEWS, POLITICO/ASSOCIATED PRESS).