A 32-year old farmer from South Africa, Merelize Van Der Merwe edged out some difficult competition to win the Idiot of the Week title. Although, given the profile of our platform, we focus on the many idiots that populate the world of media and politics, we couldn’t refrain from crowning Ms Van Der Merwe with the unwanted title this week.

In a post on Facebook, Ms Van Der Merwe bragged about how she killed a giraffe, sharing a picture of herself holding a giraffe’s heart along with the following comment: “I’m over the moon with my Valentines present!!!”

Animal rights activists called her a “sociopath.” In her defense, Ms Van Der Merwe said that shooting the old giraffe was, in fact, helping the threatened species in South Africa. For the same reason, probably, since she was five, Ms Van Der Merwe has massacred some 500 animals including lions and elephants. Specialists said that her justification was plain bunkum.

Unfortunately, Ms Van Der Merwe species is not threatened.

Photo: Facebook