Most men watch porn, according to a plethora of studies. Nothing’s wrong with that. But it is terribly wrong when you watch people fornicate while you attend a parliamentary session.

Zvonimir Stevic, 65, a Serbian MP, did just that, as a video that went viral in early February showed. A member of the Socialist party, Stevic decided to watch porn instead of following a heated debate in the local parliament about how to normalize the relations between Serbia and Kosovo, a former Serbian province, whose independence the government in Belgrade still doesn’t recognize.

The debate was so heated that several MPs physically clashed, all that while Mr Stevic enjoyed watching copulating couples (or groups, no one knows as no further details about the actual content are known).

Stevic, who was also the chair of the Serbian parliament’s Committee for Kosovo paid dearly for his entertainment choice. Following calls from the party’s leadership, he swiftly resigned. He will go down in history as the “porno MP,” as a party peer called him, rightly so. The good news is that Stevic will now have plenty of time to watch as many racy videos from his warm living room couch.

Photo: Screenshot Facebook