Media and Journalism Research Center released today a report on media regulation and policies in Mexico

For decades, the media system in Mexico has been faced with two key structural problems, high levels of market concentration and clientelist practices as part of a system of collusion between the political power and business actors, according to a new report focused on analyzing the relations between policymakers, regulators and the media in Mexico published today by the Media and Journalism Research Center.

Market concentration has hindered the development of universal coverage in telecommunications and radio broadcasting as well as access to plural information, violating the rights of citizens, according the report, which was prepared by Argelia Muñoz Larroa, Rodrigo Gómez Garcia and Juan Larrosa-Fuentes.

Furthermore, the management of security related to drug trafficking and organized crime, as well as its relationship with the State since the implementation of the “war on drug trafficking” in 2006, created an environment of generalized extreme violence, which affects the journalistic practice.