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Serving Underserved Communities

By Damian Radcliffe

9 July 2020

Representation in journalism — both in terms of newsroom personnel and in the breadth of reporting — remains a critical issue that many media organizations are facing. In the Pacific Northwest, participants in our roundtable said their papers often struggle to access, reach and engage with Latino audiences in Oregon; an issue they are all keen to remedy. More

How Solomon’s Inclusive Storytelling Elevated the Voices of Migrants During the Pandemic

By Tara Kelly

22 June 2020

Already at risk and now under attack from COVID-19, this Greek media non-profit knew it had to tell the story of refugees during the pandemic by any means necessary. More

The Cutthroat Battle for Controlling Le Monde

By Frederic Filloux

27 September 2019

What’s going on at Le Monde? Is its independence in peril? Probably not. But the current confrontation might radically change the ownership structure of France’s flagship paper. More

The Rise of Influencers and the Decay of Journalism

By Frederic Filloux

16 July 2019

Traditional journalism is slowly yielding to influencer-driven ”information”. It results from an economic shift in favor of social media and the pervasive laziness of newsrooms. More

The High Stakes of Building Trust in Local News

By Michael Shapiro

23 May 2019

A significant political story is breaking in a community. A reporter gathers the facts, conducts interviews, seeks comment from the parties involved and goes back over her work, checking every facet of the story for accuracy. More

Who Will Win the Podcast Wars?

By Michael Tauberg

15 May 2019

With the recent launch of podcast service Luminary, we’ve witnessed the opening salvo in a much larger war. Today the podcast industry is small, but it is has enormous potential. And like most media, it can only have a few big winners. More

The Signals” Wants to Be a Full Ecosystem for Whistleblowers

By Frederic Filloux

21 May 2019

Last week, five European media published the result of a nine-month-long investigation coordinated by The Signals Network. The non-profit wants to be a one-stop-shop for sources willing to come forward. More

The Future of Journalism Is Tiny, Targeted, and Timely

1 May 2019

By Phillip Smith

What news startups can learn from those targeted ads in your Instagram and Facebook feeds. More

Editorial Innovation in News

By David Caswell

8 March 2019

It is easy to assume that the future of news will be inevitably technical. That assumption is dangerous. More

Alternative Media and National Identity

By Bettina D’avila

1 March 2019

It is obvious for some people that quite often the national media — or mainstream media — does not represent the majority of the population that they are addressing. In such cases, a significant part of the audience is subjected to a media system fuelled by commercial demands and political interests that don’t reflect their demands nor dialogue with their own reality. More

Journalism Isn’t Dying. It’s Returning to Its Roots

By Antonio Garcia Martinez

20 February 2019

The past few weeks have brought bad news to the hardworking scribes of the news business. Three leading digital outlets—BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, and Vice—announced layoffs that left many accomplished journalists unemployed. More

The Cleansing of the Digital News Media

By Robert Showah

10 February 2019

Layoffs at self-regarding media outlets may be part of a positive process that could heal the broken relationship between press and reader. More