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Nic Newman: “Divided Societies Seem to Trust the Media Less”

Nic Newman is a senior research associate at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford. As journalist and digital strategist, Mr…

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Sounding the Death Knell for Media Freedom in the Philippines

The war against the media freedom in the Philippines has now reached a new level when one of the most watched broadcasters in the country…

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What Happens When Academia and Media Work Together

When journalists team up with university researchers, only good things can come of it. With scale and structure, this type of collaboration can solve many,…

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Good reads about journalism, tech and media Big Tech’s Next Challenge: Powerful State Media Networks By Nithin Coca 31 October 2019 Facebook, Google and Twitter…

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In Journalism We Trust

Good reads about journalism, tech and media Serving Underserved Communities By Damian Radcliffe 9 July 2020 Representation in journalism — both in terms of newsroom…

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Technology and Journalism in Indonesia: The Rise of Internet Police

Misinformation has flooded the Indonesian internet in recent years. The government’s response will only shrink the space for online news content. Tempted with ever cheaper…

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Bolivian Media: Rising From the Ashes

For more than a decade, the government has meddled with Bolivia’s news media. Following the collapse of the Morales regime, the country’s journalists want to…

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Is Fact-Checking Working?

Much time and money have been spent on combatting misinformation through fact-checking. But it’s not clear whether it has any impact at all. Fact-checkers are taking…

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Head of Open Society Journalism Program Quits

The director of the Program on Independent Journalism (PIJ), the flagship journalism program of the Open Society Foundations (OSF) has quit, the OSF announced. Ms…

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Mobile News: When More Informs Less

More people read more news on mobile phones. That doesn’t mean that they get more informed. Five years ago, in a publicity stunt anticipating the…