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Mexico’s Second Richest Man Uses Television to Defy Authorities

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, owner of TV Azteca, has in recent months used his television station to pressure the Mexican government to lift the quarantine imposed…

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El segundo hombre más rico de México usa TV para desacatar a la autoridad sanitaria

Fiel a su historia, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, dueño de TV Azteca usó la pantalla de su empresa para presionar al gobierno mexicano a que levantara…

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Marcela Turati: Expose the Hidden Interests of Big Media Companies

Interview with award-winning investigative journalist Marcela Turati, Marcela Turati is an investigative journalist who specializes in covering the impact of Mexican drug war on society. Marcela…

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Latin American News Media: Who Is Big on Facebook?

Today, we released the Facebook Index Latin America, which ranks news media platforms from Latin America based on the number of Facebook followers compared to the…