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Idiot of the Week: Gianni Infantino

When the world is mad at Russia for invading Ukraine, bombing its buildings and killing its people, companies leave Russia in droves, and sanctions are…

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Media in Figures. 70% of Journalists Expect Fall in Ad Revenues Triggered By War in Ukraine

Interesting statistics extracted from cool studies and research projects about media and journalism 25 March 2022 Some 70% of journalists expect a significant decline in…

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Hungarian Government Uses the War in Ukraine As Electoral Propaganda

With only a month or so to go before national elections in Hungary, Fidesz, the political party of the country’s populist Prime Minister Viktor Orban,…

The Kyiv Post's former editorial team posing with posters to save the newspaper.
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The Kyiv Post Is Dead, Long Live the Kyiv Independent

The Kyiv Post was shut down by its owner, apparently following pressures from authorities. But its journalists do not seem to give up. On 8…

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Funding Journalism in Ukraine: Ask the Oligarchs

Four large players dominate the media market in Ukraine, a country where television is the main source of news. Independent journalism is still alive and…

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Journalism in Ukraine: A Feast of the Oligarchs

With the Ukrainian media ruled by four influential oligarchs, the future of the country’s independent journalism looks bleaker than ever. The dominance of a handful…