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Is Fact-Checking Working?

Much time and money have been spent on combatting misinformation through fact-checking. But it’s not clear whether it has any impact at all. Fact-checkers are taking…

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How Will Face-Controlling Technology Change Journalism?

Video-tampering technology is likely to take fake news manufacturing to a whole new level. For journalism, that is a game-changer. Imagine watching your local MP,…

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Andras Petho: Time to Study Psychology in Journalism Schools

Interview with Andras Petho, co-founder of Hungarian investigative journalism outlet Direkt36 Andras Petho spent much of his 15-year journalism career at the Hungarian news site…

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Know the Power, Know the Media

Media and journalism are changing fast and so should the media research agenda. Analyzing the role of social media in the recent elections in America,…