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Interesting statistics extracted from cool studies and research projects about media and journalism

Within four years, Facebook will remain the largest social network in the world with some 2.2 billion users, according to data from Business Insider. Yet, it will be TikTok the social media company with the steepest growth rate. By 2025, the number of TikTok users is going to jump by over 45% to some 955 million users.

In contrast, Twitter is forecast to register the slowest growth within the next three years. With some 338 million users at the end of last year, Twitter is expected to add 22 million users by the end of 2025.

Insider Intelligence’s forecast uses a different set of calculations. As TechCrunch explains, Insider Intelligence “has its own definition of a monthly active user that may differ from those of each company it analyzes. For example, it only counts users who log in at least once a month consistently over a calendar year period, and it attempts to weed out the fake accounts from its estimates. This is meant to provide clients with a more consistent “apples to apples” comparison across all platforms.”