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Media in Figures: TikTok To Grow To Almost One Billion Users by 2025

Interesting statistics extracted from cool studies and research projects about media and journalism Within four years, Facebook will remain the largest social network in the…

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How Advertisers Put Democracy in Danger by Enabling Disinformation

Disinformation and calls to violence clearly helped fuel the recent assault on our nation’s capitol, and an ongoing flood of disinformation now continues to subvert the…

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Internet Freedom in Europe: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Turkey

An increasing number of governments are increasingly turning the screws on internet freedom. Funnily enough, they look at the EU for inspiration. When Judit Varga,…

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Good reads about journalism, tech and media Nothing but the Truth: Technologies That Help to Fight Fake News By Maryna Makarova 10 March 2019 During the…

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Facebook’s Fake News Fighters Punish Italian Satirical Website

A popular satire website in Italy found out what happens when Facebook loses its sense of humor: they see fake news everywhere. Publishing under the…

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Embattled Nigerian Senate Faces Stiff Opposition Over Anti-Free Speech Bill

Since its inauguration June 2015, the Senate, the upper legislative chamber of Nigeria’s National Assembly, has been wading through a series of controversies ranging from…